Early permanence

Early permanence

Early permanence is an umbrella term which includes both Fostering for Adoption, and Concurrent Planning placements. Both schemes enable a child in care under the age of two to find foster carers who are ready and willing to adopt them later if the courts decide they cannot live with their birth family.

Female couple cuddling a baby
"Concurrent Planning because we feel it is the right thing for the babies and children involved".

The advantages of early permanence

Most babies and young children who are adopted have to manage several changes of carer and broken attachments. With early permanence, we avoid that and give a baby the best chance of a settled and secure life.

The great advantage for the children concerned is that, if the courts decide they cannot go back to their birth family, it will prevent them having to suffer the upset and loss of moving from a foster home where they have settled to an adoptive family.

Could you be an early permanence carer?

Early permanence carers need to be able to look after a baby through a period of uncertainty about his or her future. They will also need to bring the baby to a contact venue to see their birth parents regularly. Hard as this sounds, if an early permanence carer goes on to adopt the child they have cared for, they will be in a very special position. They will have helped their baby through the early, unsettling months when plans were still uncertain and got to know and love them from a very young age.

Support for you

We work with babies where there is a probability that they will need adoption - but it is the courts which make the final decision and there will be occasions when the baby will be returned to the birth family.

We help you build resilience and support you with:

  • Specialist preparation, and workshops
  • Intensive, high-quality support throughout the process of fostering and adoption, and beyond
  • Help to access fostering allowances
  • Supervised visits with birth families at a neutral location

Early permanence adoption process

For more information on the adoption process and to contact us, please see our adoption process page.

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"It has been hugely rewarding. Our daughter is happy, settled and developing really well. We have been able to offer a loving home".